My name is Jay, one of the founders of BabyTreks. Our passion is traveling and we have been lucky enough to see so many beautiful places. Along our travels we have experienced how hard traveling with kids can be. Most of the time just making it to the airport for your flight, or getting to the playtime party, on time seems impossibly frustrating. With parental duties, family, and work it feels like there's no time to find the right products that are functional and look great too. That's what BabyTreks does for you! We offer our customers dedicated customer service and premium products. Our team of mothers, fathers, and babysitters select the most in demand products and test them for premium quality, durability, and functionality. Our goal is to make trips with your baby to the grocery store (or out of the country) less frustrating and more enjoyable. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to never miss out on new items and awesome discounts!


Ready. Set. Adventure.